Keep your Salesforce Contacts up-to-date!

SharpContact is a Salesforce app that accelerates sales with actionable insights.

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Outdated contacts slow sales down

People are always in motion

Every month 10% of contacts become out of date. Some people move, others change jobs, yet others leave the workforce altogether. In a span of six months, up to 75% of contacts become out of date. Keeping Salesforce contacts current is painful and tedius.

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Outdated contacts are a drag

Outdated CRM contacts slow all aspects of sales and direct marketing. For example, calling contacts who are no longer in the same roles slows down sales. Sending email campaigns to contacts who are outdated reduces their conversion rate. Simply put, engaging outdated contacts is a waste of time and money.

SharpContact to the rescue!

Supercharge your CRM contacts

SharpContact is a one-of-a-kind Salesforce app that keeps your contacts up-to-date. It validates each contact's employment, title and location to determine whether it is still current or outdated. The status of each contact is saved in a custom field for reporting.

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Installation is simple

Installing SharpContact on Salesforce takes minutes. It allows users to validate individual contacts on-demand in seconds, and allows administrators to validate all contacts in-bulk in minutes.

Military-grade security

We take data privacy and security very seriously. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest with TLS and AES256. We do not sell, reuse or share your data under any circumstances. Your data is your most important asset, and we treat it with the care that it deserves.


Subscription Plans

  • 1,000 credits / month *
  • $0.04 / credit
  • 20% discount
$40.00 / month
Billed monthly in USD
  • 10,000 credits / month *
  • $0.035 / credit
  • 30% discount
$350.00 / month
Billed monthly in USD
  • 100,000 credits / month *
  • $0.03 / credit
  • 40% discount
$3,000 / month
Billed monthly in USD
* While the subscription is active, unused credits do not expire at the end of each month. Instead, they "roll over" to the next month.
† Subscription discounts are based on the on-demand pricing of $0.05 per credit.

Keep your contacts up-to-date